***Special for 2022-23

Since I started this website the world has changed, changed, and then changed even more. 2019 brought a pandemic that forced all of us to do things in new ways. It also put more people in more difficult circumstances. It hit the poorest of us the hardest. Why does that always have to be the way? It is heartbreaking. Truly it is.

I won’t go into political changes in the world, but I bet you can guess what I think. Enough said. Do your thing. Vote!

And then a war in Ukraine. That hit many of us hard. Like you, maybe, my ancestors come from that area of the world. Specifically, Odessa. It felt personal. But we are all global beings and what is happening in Africa should feel just as personal. Right? So, here are a few more charities I investigated and liked. All of them have four star ratings from Charity Navigator, so donate knowing that your money will be used well.


Alight – See what they are doing in response to the war in Ukraine here. But, that’s not all. You should spend some time clicking around their website to see, for example, what they do in Sudan and other places. At the very least you’ll be learning. Learning is good… it leads to action. I believe this!

Americares – Read about their response to the war in Ukraine here. You can watch videos and read personal accounts of those who have been helped by this organization. This is a meaty website where you can learn a lot and see where you might be of help.

Heart to Heart International – Imagine my surprise to find this excellent organization in my old stomping grounds of Kansas. (Just ignore that if you’re not a fellow Kansan). They provide healthcare access in the US and around the world. You can click around in their website and see what they’ve done and are doing. Click on the How To Help option to see ways you can help as well.

The Outreach Program – They work to end hunger all over the world. No surprise that they are busy packing and shipping meals into Ukraine’s neighboring countries for humanitarian relief. I am also noting that they seem to work with corporations so if your company or school or organization wants a project, they may be the people to contact. Find out more here.

Reproductive Health

In Our Own Voice: Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda – Do you know what reproductive justice is? Take just a few minutes to watch a colorful video on the In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda site. Explore the site and then take a look at the toolkit they offer for advance reproductive rights. It’s an impressive document and it lays out actions very simply and clearly so that you can be an effective advocate. In fact, this is knowledge you can use for many purposes. Just saying.

Voting Rights

Brennan Center for Justice – Time to make sure you are up to date on voting issues. If democracy is important to you, click here for ways to get involved. You can sign up for their newsletter, listen to a podcast, do some reading etc. They are an independent  nonpartisan law and policy organization. Also, they have an amazing online library!

Fighting Hate

Southern Poverty Law Center – I love this place. I often reference them to prove a point and I have a high level of trust for this organization. They are always on top of important issues. For example, take a look at this hate map. This is a great tool. Do I want to know if there are Semitic groups near where I live? You bet I do! What do you want to know? But there is much much more. And for you folks with the headphones, yes there is a podcast.